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After a long exhausting day, the best way to overcome the stress is dipping in a tub filled with warm water or have a bath under steamy shower. Your bathroom is no doubt a place of peace from routine stresses of life. There it is vital to pay special attention when it comes to renovating the bathroom. You don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money renovating the bathroom. By using simple and smart ideas, you can reface your bathroom without disturbing the routine expenditure.

Keep it simple

Design the new small bathroom with the things, which are essential or in trend today. This will make your powder room stylish, spacious and elegant. No need to copy others while playing with color. Use of the stylish and theme-based faucets in the bathroom influence the state of mind in a confident way.

Bathroom mirrors

Earlier, it was thought that using a mirror in the room makes it look larger. So, you must add a mirror in the bathroom wall or over the sink. The mirrored bathroom will look more graceful with gray or porcelain tiles mounted on the wall.


Absolute glamour can be generated by adding an appropriate lighting system in the comfort room. Before selecting anything, you need to check the existing theme and style feasible in the bathroom. Using lights with a dimmer switch will soothe the mood of a person and add a softening effect in the powder room. Whereas glowing lights on the mirror will define the appearance of the bathroom. Windows are the most common and mandatory elements of a bathroom. So, there should always be a provision of windows in your small bathroom for proper ventilation and natural sunlight.

Pedestal sink

If the dimensions of your bathroom are too small, you can go for a pedestal sink, rather than a dressing table. The sinks are made up of porcelain with a column-shaped bottom and sink on the top, which is responsible for adding an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. The pedestal sink comes in different varieties depending on the material used. You can choose according to your choice and budget.

Amenities to be necessitated

Things like shelves and countertops if not organized in a proper direction may mark down the beauty of your restroom. So, keep the shelf and counter in a much-organized manner. A renovated bathroom will remain incomplete without having basic amenities which includes candles, soap dispenser, towel rack, bath salts, and organic towels. Last but not least, a nicely renovated bathroom will be proven advantageous for you in terms of money when you sell your house.


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